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Supacore Compression Athletic Wear


Supacore's unique CORETECH™ waistband technology has been developed to incorporate the compression provided by a sacro-iliac belt into leggings and shorts that can be worn during pregnancy, sport and exercise.

CORETECH™ has been developed for all levels of sportsmen (elite athletes to weekend warriors) and pregnant women, to assist with post-match recovery, injury prevention, pre and postnatal pelvic related issues and rehabilitation from injuries including:


Frequently injury occurs during sports which involve twisting, turning, kicking, and ones where there is a rapid change of pace. Pelvic support and compression when worn may assist in maintaining the body’s stability in high times of stress and load. Along with the benefits of post training compression to assist in muscle recovery. This allows the Coretech range to be beneficial during most sports or physical activity.


The CORETECH™ Shorts and leggings have been engineered and body mapped via the inbuilt sacroiliac belt to replicate the body’s own deep stability system by providing optimal placement of external compressive forces throughout the pelvis and core.

By actively encouraging blood flow to key areas, the shorts and leggings minimise the risk of groin, adductor and hamstring injuries. They will also assist the body and help to accelerate the rehabilitation of recently damaged tissue through the control of your lower body movements making these an essential item in every kit bag.


The CORETECH® technology prenatal pregnancy short assists with pelvic stability and lower back pain. comes a reduction in risk of pregnancy related conditions such as Abdominal Separation (Diastasis Recti), as well as support for the lower back, hips, and groin.

Postnatally, the CORETECH® design helps support deep core muscles as the body recovers from the rigours of pregnancy. Related conditions such as Abdominal Separation (Diastasis Recti) are alleviated.

Coretech Size Chart Coretech Pregnancy Size Chart

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